Wetwheels South East

Wetwheels South East is based in the Port of Dover, perfectly positioned to easily allow the boat to access the waterways throughout the South East of England.

The Wetwheels experience enables every disabled or disadvantaged person or group the chance to experience the excitement of power boating.

Wetwheels South East is truly unique by being fully wheel chair accessible, not only as a passenger but also as the skipper!

If you would like to be part of the Wetwheels experience, it doesn’t matter if you’re young or old. Just get in touch with our friendly team who are looking forward to welcoming you aboard.

Consider Wetwheels South East as a unique and exciting classroom on the sea!

Our education programme is designed to work with partner organisations on a wide range of educational activities. We have identified a number of popular activities based on feedback from other Wetwheels Operators. These are;

  • Marine & Environment
  • Photography
  • Bird watching
  • Coastal history
  • Boating Skills.

Our partner organisations are mostly Kent based. Our educational emphasis is on children and young adults with disabilities.

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Name of vessel:

Wetwheels South East

Type of vessel:


Power / Sail:


Home Port:



South East of England

Licence type:

MCA coded (category 2)


12 inc 3 wheelchairs

No of crew:



Wetwheels South East is a truly unique power boating experience for the disabled and disadvantaged.

We are specifically designed to be easily accessible to wheelchair users and give not only a fantastic passenger experience but also be the skipper!

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Dover Sea Sports Centre,
CT17 9FS

Office Phone:

01304 212880



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